Our commitment to green and sustainable business is firmly anchored and described in the Group’s mission statement and in our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy.

The business and ESG objectives could not be achieved without a culture of trust, respect, diversity, integrity and passion. Our corporate culture is based on these five values that have been developed by all of our employees.

We manage health and safety effectively to ensure high standards for the employees of the total Alpha Trains group including all its subsidiaries (Alpha Trains) and of third parties – read more in our Health and Safety Policy.

In 2019, Alpha Trains published as the first ROSCO in Europe a Green Finance Framework that covers all Green Financings issued or used by Alpha Trains. Financing instruments include green bonds (green ‘use of proceeds’ bonds), green loans, green private placements, and other financial instruments with funds allocated to the use of proceeds defined in this document.

Sustainability Targets