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FLTR: Bernhard Holzer (Head of Group Investment Funding, Alpha Trains), Sean Kidney (CEO, Climate Bonds) and Shaun Mills (CEO of Alpha Trains)
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  • 03. March 2017
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Press release

Alpha Trains honoured with the Green Bond Pioneer Award

Luxembourg, 6 March 2017 - The Luxembourg-headquartered Alpha Trains Group has recently concluded the world’s first Green Private Placement in the rolling stock sector - an important milestone for the company’s financing, environmental and social responsibility strategies. The underlying green refinancing has now been recognised with the prestigious Green Bond Pioneer Award in an award ceremony at London’s Guildhall.

The Green Bond Pioneer Awards are organized by Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), an investor focused not-for-profit organization. CBI promotes large-scale investments in projects and assets which are necessary for a rapid transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy. For the second time after 2016, CBI rewards pioneer organizations who, through their actions, have demonstrated the potential of green bonds and by positive example have called investors, governments and business to action. Former Green Bond Pioneer Award winners include among others: World Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, EDF, Toyota Financial Services and European Investment Bank.

As part of a major refinancing in December 2016, Alpha Trains raised €250m through a Green Private Placement in the US market. Proceeds from this issuance were exclusively used to refinance debt associated with the acquisition of 63 modern electric multiple unit train sets equipped with environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology which reduces energy consumption within passenger transportation.


Shaun Mills, CEO Alpha Trains Group: “We are extremely proud to receive this prestigious recognition. The award acknowledges Alpha Trains as country pioneer in Luxembourg and our role as one of the most innovative private players in the rail sector. With our first green financing transaction we widened our potential lender base for the future and reinforce our position as the leading rolling stock lessor in Continental Europe.”

Bernhard Holzer, Head of Group Investment Funding: „With our recent pioneering Green Private Placement, we paved the way to communicate our sustainability strategy and to match our financing needs with growing investor demands for transparent green projects that meet their long-term climate objectives.”


Alpha Trains Europa GmbH

Bernhard Holzer
Head of Group Investment Funding