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Vincent Pouyet, Country Director, Alpha Trains France
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  • 27. April 2018
  • Press Release | Alpha Trains

Alpha Trains, the European leader in railway rolling stock leasing, arrives in France

Vincent Pouyet is appointed Director of the French subsidiary

On the strength of its expertise developed during almost 20 years in Germany, Alpha Trains, the European leader in railway rolling stock leasing, wishes to make an active contribution to the growth in rail transport in France. The company has therefore established a French subsidiary, to be headed by Vincent Pouyet, previously Sales Director at Bombardier.

“As we are the European leader, France is a new and important market for us, which we are relying on to replicate our success in Germany and become the ideal partner of the regions to facilitate opening up to competition”, said Shaun Mills, CEO of the Alpha Trains Group.

“We wish to convince the regions that train leasing is a simple, effective solution which makes it possible to guarantee the best price-service ratio”, explained Vincent Pouyet, Country Director of Alpha Trains France. “Alpha Trains ensures transparent management of the fleet by taking on the technical and financial risks. Our solution gives budgetary control back to the regions, allowing them to concentrate on their main task, namely thinking of the development of transport in their area.”

Alpha Trains, the leader in rolling stock leasing

Based on its extensive knowledge of the railway market, Alpha Trains offers integrated solutions at the best price, which it provides to the transport authorities and the rolling stock operators. These solutions ensure the optimum service for passengers. Alpha Trains provides its technical and financial expertise and takes charge of the acquisition and management of the rolling stock. Alpha Trains then leases this rolling stock directly to the transport authorities or the operators. If necessary, it undertakes renovation of the material. At the end of the contract, Alpha Trains promises to take back the rolling stock, thus assuming the financial risk. In this way Alpha Trains can offer the fairest price, taking into account the total lifetime of the train (approx. 30 years) and not only the few years of the term of the operating agreement between the transport authorities and the operator.

Alpha Trains is currently leasing 435 trains and 370 locomotives to numerous operators, not only Transdev and Keolis, its main clients in Germany.

Vincent Pouyet, Country Director, Alpha Trains France

Vincent Pouyet (41) joined Alpha Trains in 2018. Before he took over responsibility for Alpha Trains’ activities in the French market, he was Head of Sales at Bombardier Transport in France since 2015. His previous positions include Bid & Project Management and Sales positions for Siemens Mobility and Thales.Vincent has graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and holds a Master degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. He started his career in 2003 at Safran as a technical system engineer.