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KISS - Stadler Rail

Data general
ManufacturerStadler Rail
Type designationKISS
Construction yearssince 2015
Number of seatsEMIL EMU6: 627/ 603 seats (Winter / summer seating)

Technical details - KISS

Track gauge (standard gauge)1,435 mm
Wheelset arrangement2‘Bo‘ + 2‘2‘+Bo‘2‘+ 2‘2‘ + 2‘2‘ + Bo‘2‘
Wheel diameter (new)920/ 920 mm (TRS/ LRS)
Length over couplingEMU6: 156,450 mm
Vehicle height4,630 mm
Vehicle outer width2,880 mm
Floor height passenger area
(Low-floor / high-floor)
Unterdeck/ Zwischendeck/ Oberdeck: 440/ 1,350/ 2,540 mm
Vehicle mass (empty)EMIL EMU6: 313 tons
Vehicle mass (max.)EMIL EMU6: 351 tons
Max. axle load21/ 21 tons (TRS/ LRS)
Traction, Engine & Power
Supplies/UnitElectrical (EMU)
Drive units/engines6
Installed drive powerEMIL EMU6: 4,500 kW
Rated powerEMIL EMU6: 3,000 kW
Voltage systems (EMU)EMIL: 15 kV~16.7 Hz
Current/power transmissionPower converter asynchronous machine
Speed & Traction performance
Maximum speed160 km/h
Installed train safety systemsPZB90 I60R
Max. Number of vehicles
in multiple traction
EMIL: zweifach artrein

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