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We are the future of rail in Europe!

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Alpha Trains has been an investor, owner and manager of rolling stock for more than 15 years, during which time we have established an enviable record as a consistent, professional and innovative investor and manager of passenger trains and freight locomotives.

Previously as Angel Trains International and since 1 January 2010 as Alpha Trains we have been both stimulants to and beneficiaries of the liberalisation of the continental European railway market, leading to many ground-breaking deals with both public and private operators.

We believe in the future of rail in Europe and are enthusiastic about providing financial and technical solutions and delivering high quality, modern assets to our customers.

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05.09.2017  |  Alpha Trains´ fleet portfolio extended

Alpha Trains´ fleet portfolio extended

10th Vectron MS accepted and handed over to lessee

Press release 

Alpha Trains´ fleet portfolio extended

Cologne/Troisdorf, 5 September 2017 – Last weekend Alpha Trains took delivery of the last two of a total of ten new Vectron Multisystem locomotives. Locomotives nine and ten were delivered before the planned deadline and immediately hit the rails for TX Logistik.

In addition to the financing and the project management during the construction phase, Alpha Trains is also responsible for the complete service...

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04.09.2017  |  Crossing boarders: Poland, Austria, Germany – and Venlo

Crossing boarders: Poland, Austria, Germany – and Venlo

We are happy to announce that our TRAXX BR186 with DE/AT/PL homologation received permission to access Venlo border station in the Netherlands. This means more flexibility for our customers by accessing the Venlo train station to load...

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21.08.2017  |  Alpha Trains expands train fleet

Alpha Trains expands train fleet

Eight new FLIRT multi-system electric trains of the latest generation expand the train fleet of the Alpha Trains. The first train was delivered in August, the remaining seven trains will be delivered until end of November. Following the acquisition of the Teutoburger Wald Netzwerk (TWN) on December 10, 2017, Keolis will be using the trains on Line RB 61 between Bielefeld and Hengelo. The leasing company Alpha Trains is not only responsible for financing but also for managing the project and supervising...

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12.01.2017  |  Alpha Trains honoured with National Champion Luxembourg award

Alpha Trains honoured with National Champion Luxembourg award

Alison Rose, British Ambassador to Belgium, has awarded the Alpha Trains Group as National Champion for Luxembourg. On 12 January 2017, Shaun Mills, CEO of Alpha Trains, received the certificate at the British Residence in...

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