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Traxx 186-224 for Medway
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  • 07. July 2022
  • Alpha Trains

More locomotives for our customer MEDWAY

Alpha Trains leases 5 TRAXX 186 to MEDWAY Belgium

Last week, MEDWAY Belgium, part of the MSC Group, took delivery of the first Bombardier TRAXX BR 186 multi-system locomotives from Alpha Trains. The Bombardier locomotives join the TRAXX 483s DC locomotives that are leased to MEDWAY Italia.

The new TRAXX are licensed for operation in Belgium, Netherland Germany and Austria and will primarily be used for freight transport between Belgium and Germany, via the newly founded MEDWAY Belgium, which falls under MSC’s inland logistics partner, MEDLOG. The rolling stock will help to support connections between more ports in the European region with inland services, which is important for successful intermodal offerings and is an objective for MSC’s future growth.

“The TRAXX multi-system locomotives are currently the cutting edge in modern rolling stock, and thanks to their technical parameters we will make extensive use of them”, says Salvatore Prudente, MEDLOG Executive Director.

“We are proud to be part of this important milestone for MEDWAY and the MSC Group which strengthens our long-term partnership”, adds Fernando Pérez, Managing Director of the Locomotives Division of Alpha Trains