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Alpha Trains Group
22 rue Alfred de Musset
2175 Luxembourg City
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Vision - Mission - Values

Our Vision

  Alpha Trains’ vision is to be THE stand out rolling stock leasing company, respected by all and facilitating the evolution of the European railway market.

Our Mission

  Our business goes beyond leasing safe rolling stock; we offer an integrated set of technical, commercial and financial competences. The variety of our product offerings presents a unique spectrum of choice for our customers.
  We create long-term customer relationships. Our reliability and proven track record underpin this ability.
  We select and retain the best staff and create an environment which inspires people. We value individuality and diversity in teamwork, which leads to success.
  The underlying stability of our business model gives all parties confidence in the long-term sustainability of the business.
  We are environmentally aware and recognise the contribution that rail makes as a socially and environmentally responsible mode of transport for people and goods.

Our Values

  RESPECT → We respect people
  TRUST → We trust each other
  INTEGRITY → We act with integrity
  PASSION → We are passionate about what we do
  DIVERSITY → We embrace diversity