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European Railway Challenge 2024
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  • 02. kwiecień 2024
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European Railway Challenge

Alpha Trains Group is proud to be the main sponsor of this year’s European Railway Challange.

The European Railway Challenge is an opportunity for teams of students, trainees, and young professionals to compete against each other with a self-developed, and self-assembled locomotive on a 1:5 scale.

After an intensive planning and construction phase lasting several months, the locomotives are then tested and have to pass various categories such as innovation, reliability and energy efficiency during the actual event, taking place on 31 May and 1 June 2024 in Bad Schussenried.

Creativity, enthusiasm and a passion for railways are required. Qualities that are also integral and essential to the Alpha Trains team.

Find out more about the European Railway Challenge on the website: www.railwaychallenge.com