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f.l.t.r.: Michael Heilmann (Verbandsdirektor ZÖPNV Rheinland-Pfalz Süd), Bernhard Holzer (Managing Director Alpha Trains), Henrik Behrens (Geschäftsführer Trans Regio), Sven Kleine (Prokurist go.Rheinland), Thorsten Müller (Verbandsdirektor SPNV-Nord)
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  • 23. novembre 2023
  • News | Alpha Trains


Presentation of refurbished Siemens Desiro Mainline for MittelrheinBahn

The first (of a total of 17) refurbished Siemens Desiro Mainline (ML) trains in operation on the MittelrheinBahn was presented at Trans Regio’s workshop in Koblenz on 23 November 2023. TransRegio is the current and future operator and Alpha Trains Group is the lessor of the 17 Desiro ML trains and an additional 6 brand new Siemens Mireos. 

The MittelrheinBahn connects all stations between Cologne, Koblenz and Mainz and is the backbone of regional rail transport on the left bank of the Rhine. We are very proud that our trains will soon be running in their new splendour on this beautiful line.

"After an extensive refurbishment, these trains look as good as new. This is a good contribution of greater sustainability and demonstrates the strong and trusting partnership between all parties involved, which is a key advantage in a project like this.” says Bernhard Holzer, Managing Director of Alpha Trains Europa GmbH.