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EURO6000 homologated for Spain and France (photo credit: Diego Sanchez)
© Diego Sanchez
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  • 19. May 2022
  • Alpha Trains

Alpha Trains’ diverse locomotive fleet continues to grow

30 powerful EURO6000

Alpha Trains′ locomotive fleet is becoming more diverse and rejuvenated. With the latest order, the company now has a total of 30 powerful EURO6000 locomotives in its portfolio; that means 30 modern and reliable Stadler EURO6000s that will support the increase of rail freight in Spain.

The state-of-the-art locomotives are homologated for Spain (on both Iberian and UIC gauges) and France. 17 locomotives have been put into operation already and in the coming weeks and months more EURO6000s will leave the Stadler factory in Valencia.

With more than 440 locomotives from a wide range of manufacturers, series and registrations in a total of 22 European countries, Alpha Trains offers its customers one of the largest and most diverse fleets on the leasing market.